Monday, January 27, 2020

Jeffrey Epstein’s Accuser Orders Prince Andrew To Share Data With United States

Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sexually abusing a woman, when she was a child, said British Prince Andrew should inform…

Jeffrey Epstein was accused of sexually abusing a woman, when she was a child, said British Prince Andrew should inform the authorities of America everything that he knows about the financier. 

The victim has called herself Jane Doe 15, said at a news release with her lawyer Gloria Allred that “Prince Andrew, and any others who were close to Epstein, should come forward and give a statement under oath on what information they have.”

On Monday, the lady became popular among a dozen women to sue his estate, mentioned in her lawsuit that he subjected her to a “vicious, prolonged sexual assault” at his New Mexico Ranch when she was only 15-year-old. 

66-year-old Jeffrey Epstein has hanged himself in jail in August and now he awaits trial on federal sex trafficking charges. He had pleaded not guilty of sexual misconduct. Mr. Epsetin has also signed a will, in which he had put his evaluated $577 million estates into a trust. 

The former financier once counted among his friend list – United States President Donald Trump, former United States President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew. 

During an interview on November 16, Prince Andrew has refused had any physical relationship with Virginia Giuffre, another noted victim of Mr. Epstein. Ms. Giuffre has also filed a lawsuit, in which she alleged that she was trafficked by Mr. Epstein and was further forced to have sex with Prince Andrew at 17-year-old. 

However, lawyers for the estate’s executors couldn’t be reached for remarks.   

Mr. Epsetin’s brother and his lawyers have interrogated a medical examiner’s outline that his death was a case of suicide. 

On Monday, Doe has worn a bracelet with words: “Mr. Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Doe grew up in a needy family in the Midwest, met his secretary during 2014’s school tour to New York City. Later, the secretary invited her to watch a magic show in Las Vegas, and fly in his private jet to his ranch in New Mexico, reads the lawsuit. 

Mr. Epsetein and his secretary were interested in helping poor girls, who were in distinct circumstances, and when she arrived, the former financier forced her to offer him a massage alone, and then sexually assaulted her, added the lawsuit. 

Last week, the Executors Richard Kahn and Darren Indyke have said that they would seek to create a compensation fund for victims. The plan must be approved by a court in the United States Virgin Islands, which oversees the estate.