Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Rape Survivor Refused $150000 Compensation Against Punishment Of Assailant

On Monday, a rape survivor from Louisiana has said that she won’t accept the offer of the judge to reduce…

On Monday, a rape survivor from Louisiana has said that she won’t accept the offer of the judge to reduce her assailant’s sentence, if the accused pays off $150000, adding that she does not want any amount from her attacker. 

After the court hearing, the 31-year-old rape victim has said that “I don’t think money is going to provide any restitution for what he’s done,” adding that she was only fifteen-years-old when she was raped. 

State District Judge Bruce Bennett had sentenced 44-year-old Sedrick Hills to twelve-years imprisonment when he made the offer to lessen the tenure if the victim agreed to cash restitution. The Advocate alleged that the suggestion left prosecutors and even defense prosecutors by surprised.   

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore has claimed that his office didn’t seek the arrangements for compensation and that the proposition was the judge. 

Mr. Hill’s Advocate Robert Tucker has said that it was the first day he had heard of the offer to compensate but would not comment further. 

Sedrick Hills was convicted of raping a girl in 2003. She had gone through her impact statement in the court, claims the assailant destroyed around sixteen-years of her life. Therefore, the victim asked the judge to take the same time from his life as well. 

The rape survivor said that “this whole experience has been like a movie, but a bad movie, a horror movie,” adding that “I’ve been fighting this over half my life. I’m tired. I’m angry. Stuff like this deteriorated a person. It deteriorates who I am. I’m still trying to figure out who I am.”

Finally, the assailant was refused to grant a new trial by the judge. 

Sedrick Hills was officially charged in 2014 after the evidence-related to DNA has linked him to the sexual assault, said Bennett. In August 2018, he was also accused of forcible rape and other sexual assault-related charges.