Sunday, January 19, 2020

White House Attacks A Key Witness Of Impeachment Probe, “Conjecture”

White House has attacked a key witness over impeachment probe in the House of Representatives during his testimony, seeks to…

White House has attacked a key witness over impeachment probe in the House of Representatives during his testimony, seeks to undermine one of its own employees as a part of a campaign being pursued by allies of the United States President Donald Trump.  

On Tuesday, a veteran National Security Council Official Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was testified before lawmakers, faced scornful criticism from the defenders of President Trump, who enquired his loyalty for the nation and his obedience towards the President. As he spoke, the official Twitter account of White House has posted a tweet interrogating his judgment

It’s official post reads, “Tim Morrison, Alexander Vindman’s former boss, testified in his deposition that he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment.” Morrison is a former senior official of NSC. 

The attacks were a bid to undercut the testimony from Lt. Vindman, an honorable combat veteran who informed the House Intelligence Committee that July 25’s phone call between Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a key of the impeachment investigation was “a partisan play”, which urges him to report it to an NSC lawyer. 

He further testified that few of the US President’s allies sought to condition a meeting for President Zelensky in the White House on political probes targetting former Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. 

His testimony impairs claims from President Trump that his telephonic conversation with the Ukrainian President was “perfect” and he had done nothing incorrect in withholding military aid from Ukraine. 

Lt. Vindman protected himself from claims that Morrison had expressed concerns about his statement, reading for his latest performance appraisal, in which another ex-top NSC official has described him as “unflappable” and “brilliant”. 

President Donald Trump has further sought to downplay his role and influence. 

During a meeting at the White House, President Trump told sources that “I never heard of him. I don’t know any of these people,” adding that “I don’t know Vindman at all. What I do know is that even he said the transcript was correct.”

While the US President stated that he would “let people make their own determination,” of Lt. Vindman, Donald Trump Junior has spent much of attacking the Iraq War Veteran over Twitter. 

He wrote, “He’s a low-level partisan bureaucrat and nothing more.” 

Trump Junior further wrote, “Seems Fair,” in reply to a charge that  Lt. Col Alexander Vindman should face a probe for perjury. 

After the hearing, the statement also included testimony from Vice Presidential Adviser Jennifer Williams, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has defended the US President and condemn the impeachment probe as “illegitimate”. She further criticized Willimas and Vindman for sharing their “personal opinions and conjecture about a call the White House long ago released to the public.”

President Donald Trump has criticized Williams as a “Never Trumper” and accused her of often trying to attack the President. 

Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn, has asked Williams and Vindman whether they had political reasons for attesting in the impeachment probe and deserves the title of “Never Trumpers.” Both of them replied, “No”.

Lt. Vindman said, “Representative, I would call myself ‘never partisan’.”

In his opening statement. Lt. Vindman has defended himself from attacks, emphasized his strength and the experience he shares with a sense of dedication for his nation. 

On Wednesday, he and his twin brother both serving the military are assigned to the NSC at the White House. 

After claiming that previous “vile character attacks” on other witnesses in the impeachment probe were “reprehensible,” he had addressed part of the statement to his father. 

Lt. Vindman said, “Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth.”