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Foreign National Died As United Nations Vehicle Hits In Kabul Blast

On Sunday, a foreign national was encountered and around five other people were severely wounded in a grenade attack in…

By Chandrani Sarkar , in World , at November 25, 2019 Tags: , , , , ,

On Sunday, a foreign national was encountered and around five other people were severely wounded in a grenade attack in Kabul on a United Nations vehicle, said an Afghan official. 

The grenade attack took place on a road often used by traffic shuttling workers of the United Nations between Central Kabul and a large UN compound on the outskirts of the city. 

Interior Ministry spokesperson Nasrat Rahimi said that “at around 6:20 pm (1350 GMT) a grenade was hurled at a UN vehicle.”

Besides one death, Ms. Rahimi said that five other people – including two Afghan staff were terribly wounded. The nationalities of the other victims were not disclosed. 

A UN official didn’t return a message seeking remarks, and no group has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the Taliban didn’t reply to a query.   

The reported blast in Kabil comes during what has been a tenure of relative and anxious calm, where the number of large-scale attacks has fall in recent weeks. 

The comparative break was followed by a blood-stained Presidential Campaign Season that concluded with a general election around two months ago. 

Meanwhile, Afghans are still eagerly waiting for the results of elections, which happened on September 28, with a recount bogged down by several technical difficulties and complaints from main candidates. Afghans are also waiting to see what might happen next in negotiations between America and the Taliban.  

In September, the United States President Donald Trump has ended those long-awaited discussions as violence continued by the Taliban, but further recommended sources that negotiations could be getting underway again. 

Non-Governmental groups and aid agencies are mostly targeted in the Afghanistan War. 

In May, the Taliban has targeted Counterpart International, which is a US-funded non-profit group and they are working with marginalized people. Nine people have lost their lives in that attack.

However, the white vehicles of the United Nations, which are easily recognized with the world body’s initial painted on the side, and rarely indulged in attacks and circulated timely around Kabul and in the provinces. 

In 2011, seven foreign workers of the UN – including four Nepalis, a Norweigan, a Sweden, and a Romanian – were died in an attack in the Northern City of Mazar-i-Sharif.